Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Technology harmony

I don't know what the heck just happened but it's 9:17 on a Tuesday and I've somehow achieved the unthinkable... technological harmony.  I haven't shared my frustrations of late because I've been so...well...frustrated. To sum it up, my home computers been kind of fritzy and jacking up my blog, my iPhone kind of whacked out, and I've just felt out of touch. And I am not a computer nerd, and there's only so many times I can ask Holland to fix my crap.  So I downloaded a bunch of updates on my PC, having no clue what I was clicking or doing. It worked. I got a new iPhone having no idea how to unload my massive stuff onto it, but I figured it out and now it's so harmonious. I even was able to get my music on it which I never could do with my first iPhone. I feel like if I didn't have a raging headache from sleep deprivation and a 3 year old who is currently in his bed reading a book out loud to Buzz and Woody when he was supposed to be asleep 45 minutes ago, I would have a few beers and throw myself a party.
Instead, I share with you my success.
And some pictures from my phone which I now know how to work. GLORY DAY!

Uncle T fishing with P at the farm. 

 Favorite bday present from Barnes, the Cabela gun. He shoots at Penn all day, every day. And Penn laughs, of course. 

He's gonna kill me for this one day.

 I give you exhibit A, our hoarder.

 Ope, there's that gun again.

 Hamming it up with Barnes and Chappell at Pickett's bunny birthday party

 Daddy looooooves a baby.

 Stole big brother's sunglasses.

Night night!

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