Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome back to school!

Summer is over, and I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm glad. Loved every moment (ok most moments), but y'all it's hot here. It's hot, and it's a long, hot summer. The kids are out of school but for some rinky-dink 6 week thing where you pay thousands of dollars for a 2 day a week program. Not enough people, not enough. We had beach time, we had pool time....we had time out. And now we're back in school and life begins again here at our home. Things are just peachier with school.
Here are my BIG boys on the first day. Pollard is 3 (as you can see), and beefcake is just beefy.
Pollard's love for Penn is so sweet most of the time. He'll almost always give him a kiss if I ask him to.  What a big brother!

I posted this picture of Beefy on Instagram. I didn't know what else to say except "angelpiefacewannakissababy".
This baby just melts me.

So here's the latest on the Henig boys...
Pollard-3 1/2:
-Goes to school 5 days/week from 9:30-1:15. Sometimes asks to be taken on Saturdays!
-Can swing on the swing with no pushing needed
-Can spell his name but working on writing it
-Obsessed still with Star Wars
-Goes to 3 year old choir on Wednesday nights at church and loves it!
-Saying all kinds of cute things like "bite" if he wants some of your food, "you got me!" if you're tickling him, "sorry", and a lot of "no no!"
-Loves his blanket "blue" and his "pappies" (paci), asking for both by name
-Loves all 3 meals a day and his snacks
-Loves the dogs, always trying to feed them
-Goes to school 3 days/week from 9:30-1:15

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