Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 months old!

It's been so long since I've posted that I thought I'd appease you with a video. Here is Pollard and his new best friend Norman. For whatever reason, the thinks Norm is just absolutely hilarious. This video pretty much sums it up!

Here is what else has been going on in the life of Pollard:

-After an outbreak of hives all over his face, neck and arms we found out he is allergic to eggs. 2 shots in the thunder thighs and 2 oral doses of Benadryl later, we were on our way. I had a strange way of controlling myself (thank God my Mom was in town to help me with that), and then was able to laugh about it once I realized his throat wasn't closing up. He can eat things that have had egg baked in them, just no scrambled eggs for breakfast :( The sad part is, he LOVES them!

-He pulls up on EVERYTHING, crawls everywhere in his signature crab crawl (seen in video above), and loves the dogs or any animal.

-He loooooves to eat! He doesn't really like to be fed anymore, so I try and cook things he will like too. So far his faves are spaghetti, chicken pot pie, red grapes and pancakes on Saturdays.

-He is a big fan of the sippy cup, but the only problem there is that he will really only drink out of one kind (the Nuk) and I can't find them ANYWHERE right now to grab extras!

-He goes to bed between 7:15-8:00 and sleeps until whenever he wants to. Could be 5:30, could be 6:30 (on a very, very lucky morning when God knows I might blow a gasket if I hear him at 5:30 one more time...).

-He always, always, always wakes up happy.

-He is loving being with Ms. Dorothy every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and we're pretty sure she loves him right back :) We don't know what we would do without her!

And lastly, he still has really good hair.

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Lauren Baugh said...

So cute! It looks like Norman is being a really good sport!