Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot

Yesterday afternoon Jennifer and I got into the fall mode and decided to dress the boys up for a photo shoot. It was SO nice outside and they just looked adorable. So we grabbed the Trott's pumpkin and off into the front yard we went. Here is what transpired...

Pollard and the pumpkin.

Pollard, Barnes and the pumpkin.

The boys having fun!
And the now famous BITE. Barnes never saw it coming. From what he could tell, this was reeeally fun. "Maybe he's letting me feel his teeth?", thought innocent Barnes.
My kid bit his 5 1/2 month old cousin like he was tearing into a piece of beef jerky.
Poor innocent Barnes man!
He recovered but it was a rough moment.
And THAT was where the photo shoot ended.

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Jennifer Trott said...

ha!! LOVE it!! ... what handsome men!! Had a GREAT time.