Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween from my Teddy Bear!

Happy Halloween from Pollard, the friendly bear :)


The Wilson's said...

I enjoyed seeing yall so much last weekend. Pollard is adorable and I have to say that he looks identical to Britton aka "B-Bear" (how appropriate) in those pictures. Have a great weekend

Rachel and Cameron said...

Oh my gosh, he is the CUTEST teddy bear I have ever seen. He has grown up so much, Lindsey! He looks like such a little boy. Happy Halloween!!

Tara and Felix said...

now, that is a cute costume!

jelly bean said...

Pollard is VERY cute in that Teddy Bear Costume !!
i also like the pic of him crawling away w/ just the bears 'paws' showing.
Can't believe how fast he is growing !
MAYBE we'll get to SEE him for Christmas, Lindsey...IF you'll bring him to the office !

Dianne ( Pilkerton Office)