Sunday, January 31, 2010

All boy

Lately Pollard has shown a keen interest in cars and trucks. Well really anything that rolls and makes noise, but he happened to get 3 cars for Christmas and his birthday and let's just say, he's obsessed. He finally figured out how to hoist one tiny foot up over the seat and take a ride, but he can only go backwards. Until he figured out how to pull one foot off and land safely on the ground, each hoist onto said truck ended in a bonk of the head. But all is going smoothly now!
He also loves putting his blocks, phone, crackers, etc. into the tiny compartments of the vehicles.
Whoever makes these cars is really smart, he plays with them for hours! (I do know the Winnie the Pooh car was made somewhere called "KiddieLand" in China which sounds really scary)

Here he is with his fire truck that Lola gave him for his birthday. The sirens confused us at first but now we're used to it.

And this is the tractor that Johnny gave him for his birthday. Bottom right has to be one of my favorite pictures I've taken in a while!

And of course the Winnie the Pooh car. When you hit the horn, the wheel in front lights up and spins. THANK YOU, KiddieLand!

And of course if it's NOT a car, he will try and make it one. This is his VTech learning walker flipped over. Can you tell he'd been up since 5:41 am? This is also a display of how badly this poor child needs a good trip to the salon.

Bye for now from the bug man. See you guys at the monster truck show.


Rachel and Cameron said...

Lindsey- he is starting to favor you! That last picture, his smile and eyes look just like yours! Miss yall!!

Allison said...

hey lindssy--its allison (gatlin). jordan sent me your blog and it is so cute! you have a beautiful family. tell your mom hello for me!