Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!

Today was Pollard's first birthday "pawty" at Dede and Big John's was a BLAST! The theme was dogs since he is so obsessed with our 2 dogs Norman and Allie. No actual dogs made appearances, but there were lots of fun dog-themed decorations and treats for he and all his buds. The great folks at Liger's Bakery here in Montgomery made this doggie cake based off a stuffed dog I brought them....that's talent!

Here is his birthday boy hat and his big doggie cake!

This is his smash'll see that black icing again...and he was so intrigued by his balloons!

Here is sweet Barnes hanging out in the dog house, a massive playpen we set in the den for all the kiddos to hang out in (thanks Scott and Heather!).

We had "dog food" (cocoa puffs), "Mini Dogs" (tiny hot dogs), "Puppy chow" (thanks Rach!), "Chew Toys" (large pretzels), "Milk Bones" (sugar cookies in the shape of a bone), and animal crackers. I may have had a liiiitle too much fun with the theme :)

I think we had 10 kids total...whew! We had a BLAST watching all of them play together!

When it came time for cake, Johnny was just the man for the job on helping blow out the candle. Then, he DUG IN!
Allison took a ton more pictures so I'll have more to share, but this should get us thorough until she sends me those (no pressure, Allison).
What a HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel and Cameron said...

Happy Birthday, Pollard!!! Lindsey- the party looks awesome!!! You're such a good mom. So sad we couldn't be there. We miss yall!

Eric and Jordan Elkins said...

So cute!!! Happy Birthday Pollard!!

The Allgood Family said...

What a cute party! Happy Birthday Pollard!

The Johnsons said...

The party looked awesome!!! You did such a great job Mommy! Wish we could have been there!


The Howell's said...

As a huge dog lover- I LOVE that theme! What great ideas you had, so cute! Happy Birthday Pollard!