Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Grand Hotel

Britton had a conference at the Grand Hotel last weekend, and we tagged along with. It was serious fun, the weather was perfect, and the kids had a fabulous summer-lovin time.

 (oopsie, there's my LARGE glass-o-beer on the pier...)

 This happened.  We did it. I mean all we were missing were helmets to complete the look. Let me just say I'm now on a mad hunt for a pair of mountain bikes. Never in my...20's or 30's... have I felt so free! When is the last time you rode a bike? Like....wind in the hair, feeling the breeze, RODE A BIKE.  You should do it.

 We had 2 sunset dinners here with the lit up trees. We re-nicknamed Peanut Butter the Beefcake. He is just so beefy. He growls, he groans, he tackles, he eats, he smears, he stomps....he's beefy.


Jennifer Trott said...

What a summer!! Ya'll just may be the CUTEST family ever! I love the bikes! :) I love the boys - so sweet!!!! xoxo!!

Blair said...

The bikes are cracking me up - we had a similar experience with canoeing last weekend. We are all about buying some gear and canoeing the great state of Alabama - such a feeling of total freedom :). Glad y'all had a fun time!

Muhammad Amir said...

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