Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My best friends of life

I used a gracious plenty of our sky miles and flew to Dallas last month for a reunion with 5 of the 6-pack from college. Kim lives far away in Cali, so we reunited sans her :-( However, it was a very last minute reunion (hence the using of the miles), but words do not describe how good it felt to be with my VERY FAVORITE PEOPLE OF ALL TIME. We did nothing! And had a ball.

 Liz took us to she and Justin's lake house right outside of Dallas, where she made us some drink called the Dazzler. Next thing I knew, I had downloaded an Emoticon app and was texting dolphins and kissy faces.

Ok so this picture kind of contradicts that we did nothing, we did this, which was wrong in so many ways. I think one of us peed, and I definitely got flipped off. You should NEVER put this many wanna be college girls on something called the Rock Star. We were screaming like 12 year olds on a ferris wheel.

And lastly, I realized after my last post that I forgot to put the update on what these kiddos are really into at the moment. I figure when I look back years from now, that will be my favorite part, remembering what they loved and what they said.  So here you go!
Angel Penn (14M):
-Can say shoe, dog and juice, hi, bye and hey.
-First audible word was "Stop", with a finger pointed. We can only imagine that is from MONTHS of Pollard doing that to him.
-Loves the dogs, or anyone's dogs for that matter
-Loves his lovie blankies, and a recently recoverd Jellycat bunny rabbit that Pollard used to carry around.
-Only meat I can get him to eat consistently is meat sticks.  Ew.
-Has started to throw the most hilarious temper tantrums when you take something away. Hurling himself on the floor and saying "nooooooo". 
-Can climb up onto and down safely from our bed.
-Most of the time when Pollard violently hurls something (or himself for that matter) at him, just grabs his belly and laughs.

Precious Pollard (3.5 Y):
Ok where to begin....
-New obsession with Star Wars, which he pronounces "Stah Were's". Started out calling Luke Skywalker Luh-lock Scotworth.  Funniest thing ever. We were really dissapointed when he got it down pat.
-If you ask him to do something he doesn't feel like doing (brush his teeth, give a hug, etc), says "I'll do it tah-marrow"
-Has asked us every day of this summer to take him to school.
-LOVES the iPad
-Learning how to swim. Scared of the big pool, but we'll get there.
-Cried real tears when we pretended to send Penn off with Ms Dorothy. "I want PENNY! I want PENNY!"  We were just kidding bud!  But see there, you do love him.
-Every morning when he gets in bed with us, asks us to go get Penn.
-For some reason when he eats a food that is made into a particular shape, he says "Hey! This taste looks like a triangle!"
-Counts 1-10 in Spanish

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Jennifer Trott said...

Love this post. Sweet friends, such fun!!!
And PRECIOUS babies!