Friday, June 22, 2012

Just an update

No real reason for the post, except that we're having a splendid summer and I wanted to share some of that happiness.

Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy.  This right here is one stellar Dad, and we sure do love him a whole awful lot. 
 Also, in a strange turn of events, Pollard now eats. Like 3 meals a day, with snacks. I mean...who thought this would happen?!?! Granted 2 out of those 3 meals is usually a PB&J, and below he is eating cake at brunch....but hey! Whatever gets you through, can I get an amen?
 And here are the Twinks, dressed in their matching preppy shirts. DeDe and Big John picked these up and let's just say, they're popular at our house.  Looking really good guys.
 Pollard got to be the ringbearer for Bart and Morgan Eddins' wedding this month and he took his duties quite seriously. Here we are before the rehearsal.
 And here we are smoochin' before the ceremony. Excuse the messy hotel room...It's not my house, I ain't cleaning it.
 And here is my bud, with little Lila Jeanne Eddins, neice of the groom. What a pair!
 DeDe and Big John came early to wish their ring bearer good luck.

 We've also started gymnastics 2 days a week, and it's an absolute hoot. Pollard seems to LOVE it, and gets massive stamps on each foot when he finishes. Here he is waiting for the 3 year old class to begin. LOVE THIS GUY!
 And lastly we've been hard core about getting outside this summer. It's hot, yes indeed, but these kids cannot be cooped up. I've been working when I can, and trying to spend more time with them while they're little. We went to the pool one night last week when Britton was out of town for the night and had the best time together swimming and eating ice cream.  Most outings with the 3 of us aren't quite this picturesque, so I'd like to think it's getting easier?

All in all, I can truthfully say that about once a day I have a moment where the 2 of these babies of mine are being so wonderfully precious that I stop what I'm doing and pray, thanking God for what He's given me with these two. I don't have a clue what I EVER did to deserve 2 healthy, smart, and hands down hilarious kids, but I cherish them every day. I know they aren't going to be little for long, so for now I'm tired but loving every moment.

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