Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adventures in Baby Furniture

Since it took us a really long time to realize that there was going to be a baby in January, we waited quite a while to get poor Baby Henig's nursery really going. BIG mistake. Ladies--word to the wise--do NOT wait until you're waddling/limping/hobbling/holding your back to make any decisions about the nursery. Just do it already.
This past Monday night, Britton and I ventured up I-65 to Babies-R-Us in Birmingham to pick up an armoire and a glider that I had put on hold via the phone on Sunday night. When we got there, they were both so nice, exactly what we wanted! After pretending as though we were rich and purchasing both items, both of us and 3 Babies-R-Us team members met at Britton's truck. VERY much to my surprise, both of these fully assembled nursery items somehow fit snugly in the bed of the truck. Fabulous! I patted the gentleman on the back that was wheezing heavily and gave him a big thank you, and asked if he maybe needed to go sit down? No, he was fine he said, just a touch of pheumonia. Glad I touched him.
As we stared for a bit longer at the bed of the truck, I realized we needed bungee cords to strap these in, just for peace of mind. We putt-putted up the hill to Lowe's, and I asked Britton if he would mind braving Lowe's alone tonight and just getting a few cords to strap them in. "Not at all!", he replied. Thinking he would appear in 2-3 minutes with 2-3 hook bungees, he decided to go a more economical route. #1 Dad came out with a 24-Piece Task Force Bungee set, complete with more contraptions than I know how to describe in words. We had to use his seatbelt cutter to get the package open. Why.....
After about 15 minutes of him leaning in the driver side door, hunched over dim car lights, looping and un-looping the complex bungees he purchased, I felt it was my time to take control. The wind was whipping us and it was about 35 degrees, but no problem--I can get this. Within 3 minutes of being at the back of the truck, I had strapped them in, and Britton had latched them. I wanted to give him a go at doing it on his own, being the Daddy and all. But there comes a time in a marriage when you realize that some things are screaming for you to take into your own hands and just get the damn thing done.
We didn't say a word until Clanton.


Abby said...

Linds, you make my day! I can't read your blog in front of Hannah because she wants to know whats so funny... I'm glad you are getting things ready. That peace of mind will be great for you! I can't wait to meet the little one!!!

Jessica said...