Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post #1: A Fabulous First Baby Shower

[I label this "Post #1" because I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, so inevitably I will make another post about my first ever baby shower!]

The girls from work threw me a wonderfully pink and blue baby shower yesterday, and I couldn't wait to upload all the pictures because I'm still busting at the seams excited about how much fun it was! Terry hosted and of course everything was "to the nines"! I was so touched by how much love and effort was put into a shower just for me and Baby Henig. Mom is in town, so she got to join in all the fun! Terry had pink and blue drinks (pick your sex prediction and enjoy a sparkly beverage), pink and blue candles, a cake shaped like a stork (too cute) and all kinds of great baby loot for me and the little one!!!! She also scattered both Britton and my baby pictures around for everyone to comment on who they think the baby will look like. We got all kinds of wonderful things to get ready for Butter Bean including but not limited to our bath tub, 'My Little Lamb Cradle 'n Swing' (yessss!), great bath accessories, blankets, diapers, bottles--OK, I should have just said that we got a little bit of everything! All in all, I couldn't have asked for anything better. I am so thankful to have such a loving place to work. More to come including pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! I am one happy Momma today!

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