Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few glamour shots

Pollard made his debut at church this weekend, and look how darn good he looks! Outfit compliments of Mimi :)

It was the weekend so Pollard requested his duckie robe so he could relax. Looks like it worked!

He is also very advanced and can hold his toys! (really it was an accident that this toy appeared in his hands right in time for the picture...look how big he looks!) Can we just talk about how handy the Boppy is? The ULTIMATE BABY gift!!
And here is Pollard's cousin Johnny showing him all the cool parts of his activity mat at Dede and Big John's. What a good big cousin!

And last but not least here are 2 funny ones. The one on the left is just after bath time in his "muscle tee" [as Britton calls it] and he spiked his hair up (as if he needs it...). And the other one he fell asleep on Britton's legs after his inagural ride in the Baby Bjorn. Looks like wore him out!!!!


Abby said...

He is SOOO smiley!!! I love it! I still am flabbergasted that he is within a pound of my little guy who is 5 months older than Pollard!!!! :)

The Johnsons said...

I truly cannot pick my favorite! I love them all so much and he is so happy! Can't wait to meet the little smiley munchkin!