Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pollard is 3 months old!

Yesterday and today have seen some major action in little Pollard's life, so naturally I had to share. Being a big 3-month old and all, I guess he wanted to show us his stuff.
As if it wasn't enough that all we do is stare and him and try to talk baby talk when he coo's, it seems we also just follow him around with the camera!! (here's to hoping we actually do half this much with our second child...)
Friday Pollard got his Bumbo seat!!!! He was so confused as to how in the world he seemed to be sitting up without someone's hands all over him. His eyes got as big as watermelon's and the drool really kicked in. His face was saying "How did I get here? What is this thing? Where am I? Mommmm???!!!!"

This is the perfect seat for when you start feeding solid food because the tray is removable. So you can use it for meal time and play time!

This morning, he was on his tummy time mat and lifted his head further than I've ever seen! Talk about just plain strong...this boy is something else. I have this great fear of him not reaching the oh-so-important "developmental milestones", so I've become kind of obsessive-complusive about tummy time and making him watch toys move from side to side. I also force him to watch Sesame Street and Clifford the Dog just in case he might have a clue what the big box with all the flashing colors is saying.
[I just got totally off the is the big head lift....]

AND...LIFTOFF! (what an angelic face...)

And to end on a high note, looks like P has got his MOMMY'S EYES!! Ever since the day he was born he's been Britton in a mini-baby form. But I do believe this precious boy will have my brown eyes. Yesssss!

And this is the face he makes when he's over it. GET OFF ME WITH THE CAMERA, MOM.


Jessica said...

Linds... he is absolutely adorable! This is so cliche... but it goes by so fast... so take it all in. David is almost 10 months... crazy. we need to get those two together!

The Harris Family said...

I just found your blog through a friend's blog. Love it! I have a baby a little older than yours, and I've enjoyed reading about your experiences with your first baby. He's so cute!

sloan said...

i LOVE the knife set in the background of his bumbo seat photos...hi-LAR-ious! miss you, love you!