Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pollard's First Easter

Easter started out on a high note with a few good scratches to the face and leg. Much like NO ONE bothers to warn you about the intense lack of sleep and therefore sub-consious state you go about your life in, no one tells you how hard it is to cut a newborns fingernails. Can't win 'em all folks, and if the kid has to go a few days with long fingernails then so be it.
Anywho, he started nawing on this cute teething bunny and it was just in time for Easter weekend! Here he is doing his thang, watching the tube, and sporting his dinosaur slippers.

Of course Mimi and Papa could not miss Baby's 1st Easter, so they came in town to be with us. Papa left a little early Sunday, but we did manage this great shot of Mimi and Pollard, both in their Sunday best. Pollard is wearing his white day gown and a bonnet from Britton's Aunt Judy that is BEAUTIFUL! It has a monogrammed H and his birth date. To die for. I figure I better get good use of the bonnets while he still has no idea that he's wearing one.
After church it was straight to Dede and Big John's house where we found THIS!!!!

Could you just die? I about cried. This is the cutest darn Easter basket I've ever seen. We would expect no less from Dede, the Queen of holidays. Can't WAIT to put his Easter goodies in this every year!!!!
Between Mimi and Dede Pollard's Easter basket included new bath toys, a nice savings bond (Helloooo Easter Bunny!), and a beautiful ceramic baby cup with bunnies on it. Basically he racked up.
We had a little photo shoot of sorts in the back yard of Britton's parents house, their flowers were blooming and were just screaming for some humans to stand in front of them and flash their pearly whites.
Here are my 2 Britton Pollard Henig's....aren't they dashing?

Mimi, Mommy and Dede with my handsome devil. Those are two very proud grandmommas.

And of course , the boys shot. Somehow we managed to stick them among the pink flowers? Don't they look good?!?!?

We also thought it necessary to catch Hole # 6 of the MCC for at least one picture. It was such a beautiful day, I wanted to stay outside forever!
And the day ended with one very, very sleepy bunny.


Abby said...

So stinkin cute!! Hannah and I agreed, you look Beautiful! Hannah said she loved the pretty flowers on your dress! Pollard is looking like such a big boy!!! Love you and miss you!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Glad y'all had a great Easter! He is getting so big!