Sunday, April 19, 2009

War Eagle!

Yesterday was a red-letter day....Pollard's first visit to Auburn!!!! Abby and Jason and their two kids Hannah and William were there as well, so we coordinated outfits. This one was a little big on the boys, but since they cost an arm and a leg, we figured they could grow into them/wear them every other day through football season. Hannah is 2 1/2 and William is 9 months, but Pollard and William weigh the exact same!!! I guess this is what you do when you and your friends start having children, just start dressing them alike for photo ops!

Here is Big P up in the box, lounging in one of the chairs. He was really showing off his stuff, smiling and cooing for everyone. He was also, as you can see, showing off his thunder thighs.

Then Uncle Heath bribed him with his first taste of ice cream...Pollard was so excited! What are uncles for???

This picture really stands alone. Ladies, eat your hearts out. Big Cat coming in for the kill with the baby, even getting a laugh out of him. How does he do it? And again, Big P with the thighs...Looking good buddy!

After a good trip around the stadium ( I got confused on my lefts and rights and told Abby to go the wrong way. Very thoughtful of me since she was carrying William and Hannah was skipping along all over the place), we finally found the Simmons and headed up to the box for our photo session. When we got there, Mommy's little Tiger was fast asleep.
NO PROBLEM! I just popped him on the floor, and William was just enthralled...

HOW CUTE DO THEY LOOK?!?!?! And oh! Pollard, you woke up! William was really hammin' it up for the camera, just looking and smiling and laughing. What an angel. And look at Hannah-bug, looking so gorgeous in her dress! Couldn't quite pry a smile out of her, but those eyes say it all.

How cute do they look in their matching outfits?!?! Pollard had just woken up, so excuse the pouty lip and the very red face. Surprise in the diaper, bud?

Yes, THIS is how hard it is to get a picture of a 2 1/2 year old...


And here is our attempt at a family picture....Maybe it was Heath's monkey face that upset him?
(and no, I couldn't scronge up anything orange or blue...)

Here are Uncle Heath and Aunt Meghan letting him check himself out. He was just yelling and scooting all over the place! When you look good, you know it.

It was a fabulous day on the plains, and we all felt like this by the time we got to the car to head home...

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