Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sheer desperation...

Last night when Pollard woke at 3:15, as he does EVERY BLEEPING NIGHT OF HIS TINY LITTLE LIFE, I had it. I put his macho arms back into his swaddle, vecroe'd that sucker tight and stuck in the paci.
No such luck.
Turns out that now when he's really alert and awake he rolls straight over onto his tummy (more to come on this, pics, etc). So when I am walking out of his nursery, I see him topple over onto his face, right into the bumper. I see SIDS, I go running back. This is exactly what he wants me to do...
I flop him back over, he flops back on his tummy. I flop him, he grunts and flops himself. We do this exercise 3 times, and it's now 3:25. I resort to making a bottle, put it in his mouth, he sucks it down and back to bed he goes, swaddle and all.
In my concerned state about finding him face first 2 nights in a row now, I called Sheree, the all-knowing nurse at Pediatric Healthcare. She told me immediately that I had to take him out of the swaddle. This reduced me to tears. All I know about that is Allison took Riley out of his swaddle and he woke up every hour. Dear God save me from tonight.
Pollard is a beastly little baby, and when he grunts and throws himself around, he's not kidding. I'm terribly sleep deprived and exhausti-fied. HEEELLLPPP UUUSSSS.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A stolen picture...

I stole this picture from Abby's blog because I loved it SOOOO much...
Hannah was chompin' down on her strawberry ice cream, of course William is smiling it up (as always!) and Baby P, with the yawn. From this picture you can't tell that...
1) Hannah just fell in the hedges (poor angel)
2) We handed William to a stranger while inspecting Hannah for boo-boos
3) I was sweating massively
4) I had forgotten to tell Britton that I was leaving the suite, much less taking the baby and going on the football field...oopsie!
I *heart* the Simmons family :)

Poop, it's what's for breakfast

We all hear that rumbly in the tumbly at different times of the day, but for our dear son it always seems to be in the morning. God love him, he just has to get it all out to get the day started right.

At first, it was a massive squirt-like explosion that resulted in my whisking him away from whatever piece of furniture he was perched on for fear of leakage. I could hardly get him to the changing table before my robe had fallen victim and had to hit the washing machine. Ahh, those were the days.

Since we've switched from the boob to this...

the consistency of what comes out of his cute little tooshy has changed quite a bit.
You really never know what you're getting after the red-face push. It could look like this...

(except, of course, not this pearly white color...)

Or something like this...
(except not this shiny)

The good thing about Pollard is that he really keeps you guessing. He already knows how to keep us on our toes, and I must admit I do love that about him. I love it so much, I've even contemplated getting him this:

It's strange how your adult conversation falls by the wayside after you have a baby. What once used to be talks about who said what at work, or when Bunco is next week, you are having in-depth late night diatribes about the poo, or lack thereof. Instead of talking about it, we could have invested in one of these...

[and we ain't 'logging' sleep hours if you catch what I'm puttin down]
This way, in an effort to increase once-popular adult conversation, we can simply log the "logs" in this handy book, and refer to it throughout the day.
For now we will stick with what works, and that is communication. After all, if we don't keep up with his poo, who will? That's what parents are for.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

War Eagle!

Yesterday was a red-letter day....Pollard's first visit to Auburn!!!! Abby and Jason and their two kids Hannah and William were there as well, so we coordinated outfits. This one was a little big on the boys, but since they cost an arm and a leg, we figured they could grow into them/wear them every other day through football season. Hannah is 2 1/2 and William is 9 months, but Pollard and William weigh the exact same!!! I guess this is what you do when you and your friends start having children, just start dressing them alike for photo ops!

Here is Big P up in the box, lounging in one of the chairs. He was really showing off his stuff, smiling and cooing for everyone. He was also, as you can see, showing off his thunder thighs.

Then Uncle Heath bribed him with his first taste of ice cream...Pollard was so excited! What are uncles for???

This picture really stands alone. Ladies, eat your hearts out. Big Cat coming in for the kill with the baby, even getting a laugh out of him. How does he do it? And again, Big P with the thighs...Looking good buddy!

After a good trip around the stadium ( I got confused on my lefts and rights and told Abby to go the wrong way. Very thoughtful of me since she was carrying William and Hannah was skipping along all over the place), we finally found the Simmons and headed up to the box for our photo session. When we got there, Mommy's little Tiger was fast asleep.
NO PROBLEM! I just popped him on the floor, and William was just enthralled...

HOW CUTE DO THEY LOOK?!?!?! And oh! Pollard, you woke up! William was really hammin' it up for the camera, just looking and smiling and laughing. What an angel. And look at Hannah-bug, looking so gorgeous in her dress! Couldn't quite pry a smile out of her, but those eyes say it all.

How cute do they look in their matching outfits?!?! Pollard had just woken up, so excuse the pouty lip and the very red face. Surprise in the diaper, bud?

Yes, THIS is how hard it is to get a picture of a 2 1/2 year old...


And here is our attempt at a family picture....Maybe it was Heath's monkey face that upset him?
(and no, I couldn't scronge up anything orange or blue...)

Here are Uncle Heath and Aunt Meghan letting him check himself out. He was just yelling and scooting all over the place! When you look good, you know it.

It was a fabulous day on the plains, and we all felt like this by the time we got to the car to head home...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pollard's First Easter

Easter started out on a high note with a few good scratches to the face and leg. Much like NO ONE bothers to warn you about the intense lack of sleep and therefore sub-consious state you go about your life in, no one tells you how hard it is to cut a newborns fingernails. Can't win 'em all folks, and if the kid has to go a few days with long fingernails then so be it.
Anywho, he started nawing on this cute teething bunny and it was just in time for Easter weekend! Here he is doing his thang, watching the tube, and sporting his dinosaur slippers.

Of course Mimi and Papa could not miss Baby's 1st Easter, so they came in town to be with us. Papa left a little early Sunday, but we did manage this great shot of Mimi and Pollard, both in their Sunday best. Pollard is wearing his white day gown and a bonnet from Britton's Aunt Judy that is BEAUTIFUL! It has a monogrammed H and his birth date. To die for. I figure I better get good use of the bonnets while he still has no idea that he's wearing one.
After church it was straight to Dede and Big John's house where we found THIS!!!!

Could you just die? I about cried. This is the cutest darn Easter basket I've ever seen. We would expect no less from Dede, the Queen of holidays. Can't WAIT to put his Easter goodies in this every year!!!!
Between Mimi and Dede Pollard's Easter basket included new bath toys, a nice savings bond (Helloooo Easter Bunny!), and a beautiful ceramic baby cup with bunnies on it. Basically he racked up.
We had a little photo shoot of sorts in the back yard of Britton's parents house, their flowers were blooming and were just screaming for some humans to stand in front of them and flash their pearly whites.
Here are my 2 Britton Pollard Henig's....aren't they dashing?

Mimi, Mommy and Dede with my handsome devil. Those are two very proud grandmommas.

And of course , the boys shot. Somehow we managed to stick them among the pink flowers? Don't they look good?!?!?

We also thought it necessary to catch Hole # 6 of the MCC for at least one picture. It was such a beautiful day, I wanted to stay outside forever!
And the day ended with one very, very sleepy bunny.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pollard is 3 months old!

Yesterday and today have seen some major action in little Pollard's life, so naturally I had to share. Being a big 3-month old and all, I guess he wanted to show us his stuff.
As if it wasn't enough that all we do is stare and him and try to talk baby talk when he coo's, it seems we also just follow him around with the camera!! (here's to hoping we actually do half this much with our second child...)
Friday Pollard got his Bumbo seat!!!! He was so confused as to how in the world he seemed to be sitting up without someone's hands all over him. His eyes got as big as watermelon's and the drool really kicked in. His face was saying "How did I get here? What is this thing? Where am I? Mommmm???!!!!"

This is the perfect seat for when you start feeding solid food because the tray is removable. So you can use it for meal time and play time!

This morning, he was on his tummy time mat and lifted his head further than I've ever seen! Talk about just plain strong...this boy is something else. I have this great fear of him not reaching the oh-so-important "developmental milestones", so I've become kind of obsessive-complusive about tummy time and making him watch toys move from side to side. I also force him to watch Sesame Street and Clifford the Dog just in case he might have a clue what the big box with all the flashing colors is saying.
[I just got totally off the is the big head lift....]

AND...LIFTOFF! (what an angelic face...)

And to end on a high note, looks like P has got his MOMMY'S EYES!! Ever since the day he was born he's been Britton in a mini-baby form. But I do believe this precious boy will have my brown eyes. Yesssss!

And this is the face he makes when he's over it. GET OFF ME WITH THE CAMERA, MOM.