Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Boot Camp, nights 2 and 3

And the saga continues...with a very HAPPY ENDING!

Friday night was a bit better for Pollard, but not so much for Pollard's Mommy. He fell fast asleep on the sleep positioner and didn't wake until 4 am, an improvement from Thursday night! I however, was a nervous wreck ALL NIGHT because Jennifer(Britton's sister/my sister) and Bobby went in to be induced!!!! I couldn't sleep a wink, which was disastrous. Every time I would wake up (like every hour), I would think "I wonder how Jenn is? I hope she's not in any pain! I wonder if she's gotten her Pitocin...I wonder...blah blah", you get the drift. Worried sick.

When he awoke at 4 am, I was already awake, but bless his sweet heart he cried for 30 minutes straight. This time is was a cry. A sad cry. It was TERRIBLE!!!! But this isn't called "Pick-your baby-up-when-he-cries Camp", this is BOOT CAMP, daggumit. So I let him be.
But at about 4:26 it stopped and when I went in to check on him, tummy time had started. His butt was in the air, it just made me laugh. Looked a LOT like this...

(see, you're laughing aren't you? What a hiney my kid's got!)
Anywho, he then awoke at about 7 and got his bottle. Great job kiddo! I was delusional (sp?) but we RACED to the hospital when Britton's Mom called to say Jenn was 5 cm!!!!
[see next post for whether we had a BOY or a GIRL!]

Last night, night 3 of boot camp, started on time with Britton putting him down at about 10:15. We decided to take him out of the little short-sleeve onesies that he usually sleeps in and put him in some footed PJ's that one of Britton's co-workers gave him. [ Note: It was a 9 month outfit, fit perfectly] He looked so dang cute with his hair all brushed and his little sleep suit on. I was, again, delirious, so I didn't make it to the camera. I'll get one tonight. I digress.
The babe when fast asleep immediately!
And you will never guess what happened...
HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[This is not to be confused with I slept through the night]
I got up at 1:30 and 5:30 to check on my tike. At 1:30 he had wiggle-wormed his way half way off the sleep positioner, but I didn't dare touch him. Then at 5:30, he had wiggle-wormed his way all the way off of it, onto his tummy, facing the complete opposite direction!
Back to bed I went with a large grin, and when he awoke at 6:30 Britton popped up to get him and thank him for his good deed. I told him if he were old enough we would have given him a cookie for breakfast.
Then we realized that today is P's 4 month birthday...what a big boy!! I guess he figured it was time to grow up, and set a good example for his new cousin. That, or he realized he could whine all he wanted at 4 am but no one is coming in there.
Yay for my sweet angel!!! Let's hope this wasn't a tease and it will continue this way FOREVER.
I'll report back...


sloan said...

is that the pillow his aunt sloan got him?! love the butt shot...and i am OH so happy for his big accomplishment of sleeping through the night! i sure do miss that little man.

Lindsey Henig said...

Oh you KNOW it!! Man he loves that pillow. I snug it up against his chubby tooshy and off to baby dream land he goes. PUH-LEEEESE COME VISIT MEEEEEEEE!!!!