Friday, May 1, 2009

A morning with cousin Johnny

Johnny's school was closed today for a teacher in-service day, so I got the pleasure of spending the morning with my big buddy. This kid just SLAYS ME!

Somehow, after Britton left for work, my boys ended up in OUR BED, holding hands, watching Playhouse Disney...

Since Pollard's new obsession is his feet, Johnny wanted to show him that he could do it too...

It is amazing to me how much these boys have in common. I mean, I know their Daddy's are brothers, but take a look at these incredible similarities. They just couldn't be more alike!

The profile! (although P's chipmunk-esque cheeks make him stand out)

The Pot Belly!

The famous frog legs!
And of course, the finger-sucking, a true favorite.
We had the BEST morning together until my Johnny headed back to his Daddy's house for a nap. I'm pretty sure I wore him out with the watering of my flowers, picking dandelions, picking up sticks and taking them to the street, rolling back the trash can...whew. All in a morning's work. And all on about 4 hours of sleep.

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