Monday, May 4, 2009

Just a few more snapshots of Baby Barnes!

Last night Barnes was chillin' out in his Mommy's postpardem room, so the 3 of us made a MAD DASH to get up there and see that pumpkin.
Here I am looking every bit as exhausted as I was....But don't look at me, people, look at that angelic face!!
And then, take a look at the size difference!! Barnes is a perfect size newborn, and look at my chunk. Just so exhausted from all the excitement of a new cousin...
And a proud uncle! Britton could NOT believe how much bigger Pollard was. We both agreed that we're not sure we like it that P is growing up so fast :(
Jennifer, Bobby and Baby Barnes will all go home tomorrow to start their new life together as a family!


Holland said...

Hey Lindsey-- just stalking your blog through Allison!
BUT, yay for Bobby and Jennifer!! That is so exciting that y'all have yet another boy :)

Lindsey Henig said...

Thanks Holland!!! I would love to follow Chappell's blog since she's the most precious little girl. What can I do to become a follower? We Momma's gotta stick together! :)

Holland said...

i'll invite you. mine's still on private, although i'm considering changing that... i'm scared to go public with my mindless blabber!