Monday, May 18, 2009

SO much has happened in the last week and a half!!!

I have really neglected The Henig Herd in the past week and a half, so I vow to make up for that. So here we go!
I would like to start with this just because it's hilarious. The hair just gets better and better. It's now a mound of thick, flowing locks on the top and sides, and totally bald in the back. The ladies LOVE IT! He's also been working out with 5 lb dumbells to get those biceps you're looking at
He has begun sleeping like a champ, but when he wakes up it's early. I'm talking 5:30 people. Sometimes he decides to give us a break and it might be 6:00 or even 6:20 if he's feeling really crazy, but usually, the whimpering begins at 5:30. But hey, as long as he stays asleep all night, we'll take it! Below you'll see his new obsession. After getting his bottle and a clean diaper, about 30 minutes later he passes out face down in our bed. Sometimes this resorts in Britton and I huddled up in one corner of our California King just so little man can do this...
Mother's Day weekend was wonderful!! We had a visit from Aunt B (Britton's Aunt Becky) and Uncle Carter, and PaPa. They drove in from Florence to meet Baby Barnes and get some lovin' from Pollard. Here is Dede and Aunt B with the big guy!
Uncle Carter also charmed him with his usual humor...
And these have to be my favorite...Here is Pollard with his great-grandfather, who he is named after! This is Roy Pollard, aka "PaPa", Diane's Dad, loving spending some time with his namesake! As you can see they got along just fine :)
In addition to it being Mother's Day weekend, Pollard was dedicated at our church! It was the best first Mother's Day I could have asked for!!! Saturday night we had a little cookout to celebrate and guess who showed up?!?!.....

I think the look of pure and utter shock on P's face just says it all. He could not BELIEVE that Barnes' first outing was to HIS HOUSE!!!! He could hardly keep from drooling all over the place, he was so stoked. And would you look at how cute Barnes is?!?! I personally could just kiss him all over. And so sweet to come to his cousin's big celebration. He even brought his Mommy with him :)
Here are the boys with their great-grandmother Gigi and Big John!

On Sunday morning, Pollard was so excited about his dedication, he could hardly contain himself. Maybe it was these dyn-o-mite baby boy bloomers with his initials on it (and a tiny "JR" too!) that made him so giddy!

And here he is, a vision in white. This is a handmade gown from Britton's Aunt Judy that she made with love for her boys to wear when they were babies. She got this gown out of it's preservation box just for our baby boy to wear. It was BEAUTIFUL, and you can tell, every stitch was made with love. Pollard looked like a million bucks.
And here we are with our pastor Jay Wolf as he welcomes Pollard to First Baptist!

We celebrated with brunch at the club and of course took lots of pictures. Here are our families together, and one good shot of P and Papa.
We asked Heath and Meghan if they would be Pollard's godparents, and they were thrilled!
And at the end of the day, Pollard said no more baby dress, hello Auburn tee.
Was this the longest post EVER? Phew, I'm exhausted.
More to come on SOLID FOOD!!!!


Jessica said...

I just loved this post! First of all... you went about two weeks... I have gone months without posting. Kudos to you!! He is just precious Linds! We have to get these two together sometime soon!

Tara and Felix said...

His hair is JUST LIKE Blair's, ton on the top and sides and ZERO in the back. Love it! Oh, we did no-swaddle boot camp this weekend. We're getting there!

Rachel and Cameron said...

So exciting Pollard was baptized! I cannot wait to meet the little guy! Have a fun weekend!! Love, Rachel and Presley

Eric and Jordan Elkins said...

I'm in serious need of more Pollard pics! Evey is just begging me to get to meet him soon :).

Jenni Bass said...

Love reading your blog and keeping up with Pollard! He is so cute!
Hate I missed Jenni's delivery...tell her that her precious baby is tooo cute!