Monday, May 18, 2009

SO much has happened in the last week and a half!!!

I have really neglected The Henig Herd in the past week and a half, so I vow to make up for that. So here we go!
I would like to start with this just because it's hilarious. The hair just gets better and better. It's now a mound of thick, flowing locks on the top and sides, and totally bald in the back. The ladies LOVE IT! He's also been working out with 5 lb dumbells to get those biceps you're looking at
He has begun sleeping like a champ, but when he wakes up it's early. I'm talking 5:30 people. Sometimes he decides to give us a break and it might be 6:00 or even 6:20 if he's feeling really crazy, but usually, the whimpering begins at 5:30. But hey, as long as he stays asleep all night, we'll take it! Below you'll see his new obsession. After getting his bottle and a clean diaper, about 30 minutes later he passes out face down in our bed. Sometimes this resorts in Britton and I huddled up in one corner of our California King just so little man can do this...
Mother's Day weekend was wonderful!! We had a visit from Aunt B (Britton's Aunt Becky) and Uncle Carter, and PaPa. They drove in from Florence to meet Baby Barnes and get some lovin' from Pollard. Here is Dede and Aunt B with the big guy!
Uncle Carter also charmed him with his usual humor...
And these have to be my favorite...Here is Pollard with his great-grandfather, who he is named after! This is Roy Pollard, aka "PaPa", Diane's Dad, loving spending some time with his namesake! As you can see they got along just fine :)
In addition to it being Mother's Day weekend, Pollard was dedicated at our church! It was the best first Mother's Day I could have asked for!!! Saturday night we had a little cookout to celebrate and guess who showed up?!?!.....

I think the look of pure and utter shock on P's face just says it all. He could not BELIEVE that Barnes' first outing was to HIS HOUSE!!!! He could hardly keep from drooling all over the place, he was so stoked. And would you look at how cute Barnes is?!?! I personally could just kiss him all over. And so sweet to come to his cousin's big celebration. He even brought his Mommy with him :)
Here are the boys with their great-grandmother Gigi and Big John!

On Sunday morning, Pollard was so excited about his dedication, he could hardly contain himself. Maybe it was these dyn-o-mite baby boy bloomers with his initials on it (and a tiny "JR" too!) that made him so giddy!

And here he is, a vision in white. This is a handmade gown from Britton's Aunt Judy that she made with love for her boys to wear when they were babies. She got this gown out of it's preservation box just for our baby boy to wear. It was BEAUTIFUL, and you can tell, every stitch was made with love. Pollard looked like a million bucks.
And here we are with our pastor Jay Wolf as he welcomes Pollard to First Baptist!

We celebrated with brunch at the club and of course took lots of pictures. Here are our families together, and one good shot of P and Papa.
We asked Heath and Meghan if they would be Pollard's godparents, and they were thrilled!
And at the end of the day, Pollard said no more baby dress, hello Auburn tee.
Was this the longest post EVER? Phew, I'm exhausted.
More to come on SOLID FOOD!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drool Monster

Last week we went to eat Mexican, and Allison took this fabulous Glamour shot of P. Doesn't he look amazing in mint green? It really is his color. I couldn't help but post this, and please note the drool. He does have ONE TOOTH coming in on the bottom...what a big boy!!
More to come of his dedication and my first Mother's was great!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love to steal pictures....

Our friends Lauren and Joe Baugh came in town for the day and visited with us! Lendon is 2 months old now, and of course P is a big 4 month old. I stole these pictures from Lauren's blog because they are absolutely HYSTERICAL... I will now annoyingly write commentary
Pollard: "Ahhhh!! There's another kid in my house!!"
Lendon: "Do you want to hold hands?"
Lendon: "Has anyone seen my paci?"
Pollard: "I'm poopin' "
And look at those tootsies. Pollard on the left (doing his signature toe spread out) and Lendon on the right. These are going to be some BIG 'OL BOYS!!!

Baby Boot Camp: REPORT

I just couldn't blog yesterday because I had no idea where I was. I couldn't figure out if I was at work, or was I at home? Did I brush my teeth? Had I fed the dogs? Did I have all my clothes on?
This pure and utter confusion all came from Pollard crying from 4:30-5:30 on Monday night. \
WHAT?!?! He had just gotten it down pat!
In true Hitler form, I waited until 5:00 to go in and soothe him, but he was so MAD that I wasn't picking him up/feeding him/rocking him that he spit his pacifier out and just continued his thrashing around and yelling. I like to call it his swimming because since he's on his tummy he's making these perfect freestyle motions. [Maybe he's the next Michael Phelps? Good thing they have those full body suits now so he won't have to wear just a speedo. I'm gettting off track here...]
Anywho, finally at 5:26 he went back to dream land until 6:30. I however, was so upset and all overstimulated that I couldn't fall back asleep until 6:00. OMG, I was exhaustified.
The same cannot be said for TODAY!!!
Big P went down at 9:15 last night (he was so tired from all that swimming he did, and from the Cinco de Mayo fiesta we took him to at the Hertenstein's) and didn't peep until 6:30!!!!!!
What a man.
I tell ya, I really hope this isn't another tease. He felt SO good this morning, and was just talking and laughing it up. I would too if I were him.
YAY for baby boot camp!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rites of Spring

Last weekend was the Rites of Spring golf tournament at the club and we had a ball. Here are my golfers...

And here we are Saturday night at the retro-themed party. The club actually really outdid themselves with these glow necklaces. There's something about those that just take me back to the Hootie and the Blowfish concert...And naturally we're with the Espy's. They're a must-have every time we leave the house.

I didn't stay for too terribly long because Pollard was sharing Dorothy with his new bestest buddy Chapman Baker! Dorothy took care of both of our boys, and this is how we found them when Rebecca and I could no longer stand it and we high-tailed it to my house to pick them up...

Looks like Dorothy, as usual, had it all under control!!!
And Sunday afternoon, all the golf was over (thank the LORD) and we hung out and had some burgers (great for the baby weight). And naturally Heath has taken to the part of the uncle that makes weird faces...

Just a few more snapshots of Baby Barnes!

Last night Barnes was chillin' out in his Mommy's postpardem room, so the 3 of us made a MAD DASH to get up there and see that pumpkin.
Here I am looking every bit as exhausted as I was....But don't look at me, people, look at that angelic face!!
And then, take a look at the size difference!! Barnes is a perfect size newborn, and look at my chunk. Just so exhausted from all the excitement of a new cousin...
And a proud uncle! Britton could NOT believe how much bigger Pollard was. We both agreed that we're not sure we like it that P is growing up so fast :(
Jennifer, Bobby and Baby Barnes will all go home tomorrow to start their new life together as a family!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Introducing Robert Barnes Trott!!!!!

Yesterday morning just before 10 a.m. God was again wonderful and blessed Jennifer and Bobby with a beautiful baby BOY!!!!

Robert Barnes Trott (they will call him Barnes) weighs 8 lbs, 7 ounces and is 22 inches long! Mommy, Daddy and Baby are all doing well. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever been a part of, and all day yesterday I did nothing but CRY! Wouldn't you? Look at this angel...

And, of course, nothing is sweeter than a Daddy with his son. Here is Bobby with his Mom Debbie admiring Barnes perfect little features...

Both of Barnes' cousins were SO eager to make his aquaintence. And they were both STOKED it was a boy!!!! Johnny decided the best he could pronouce his name was "Farms", and that was ok with Jenn and Bob :) Pollard was DYING to see him, so he just watched him get cleaned up in the nursery, confused as to how that place looked so familiar...

Jennifer did an exceptional job of bringing Barnes into this world, and Bobby was a wonderful coach. He didn't even pass out--way to go, Bob-o!!!
Barnes is absolutely to die for, I will have some better close ups in a few days when we get to visit with him.
THANKS BE TO GOD for our precious, precious Barnes!!!

Baby Boot Camp, nights 2 and 3

And the saga continues...with a very HAPPY ENDING!

Friday night was a bit better for Pollard, but not so much for Pollard's Mommy. He fell fast asleep on the sleep positioner and didn't wake until 4 am, an improvement from Thursday night! I however, was a nervous wreck ALL NIGHT because Jennifer(Britton's sister/my sister) and Bobby went in to be induced!!!! I couldn't sleep a wink, which was disastrous. Every time I would wake up (like every hour), I would think "I wonder how Jenn is? I hope she's not in any pain! I wonder if she's gotten her Pitocin...I wonder...blah blah", you get the drift. Worried sick.

When he awoke at 4 am, I was already awake, but bless his sweet heart he cried for 30 minutes straight. This time is was a cry. A sad cry. It was TERRIBLE!!!! But this isn't called "Pick-your baby-up-when-he-cries Camp", this is BOOT CAMP, daggumit. So I let him be.
But at about 4:26 it stopped and when I went in to check on him, tummy time had started. His butt was in the air, it just made me laugh. Looked a LOT like this...

(see, you're laughing aren't you? What a hiney my kid's got!)
Anywho, he then awoke at about 7 and got his bottle. Great job kiddo! I was delusional (sp?) but we RACED to the hospital when Britton's Mom called to say Jenn was 5 cm!!!!
[see next post for whether we had a BOY or a GIRL!]

Last night, night 3 of boot camp, started on time with Britton putting him down at about 10:15. We decided to take him out of the little short-sleeve onesies that he usually sleeps in and put him in some footed PJ's that one of Britton's co-workers gave him. [ Note: It was a 9 month outfit, fit perfectly] He looked so dang cute with his hair all brushed and his little sleep suit on. I was, again, delirious, so I didn't make it to the camera. I'll get one tonight. I digress.
The babe when fast asleep immediately!
And you will never guess what happened...
HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[This is not to be confused with I slept through the night]
I got up at 1:30 and 5:30 to check on my tike. At 1:30 he had wiggle-wormed his way half way off the sleep positioner, but I didn't dare touch him. Then at 5:30, he had wiggle-wormed his way all the way off of it, onto his tummy, facing the complete opposite direction!
Back to bed I went with a large grin, and when he awoke at 6:30 Britton popped up to get him and thank him for his good deed. I told him if he were old enough we would have given him a cookie for breakfast.
Then we realized that today is P's 4 month birthday...what a big boy!! I guess he figured it was time to grow up, and set a good example for his new cousin. That, or he realized he could whine all he wanted at 4 am but no one is coming in there.
Yay for my sweet angel!!! Let's hope this wasn't a tease and it will continue this way FOREVER.
I'll report back...

Friday, May 1, 2009

A morning with cousin Johnny

Johnny's school was closed today for a teacher in-service day, so I got the pleasure of spending the morning with my big buddy. This kid just SLAYS ME!

Somehow, after Britton left for work, my boys ended up in OUR BED, holding hands, watching Playhouse Disney...

Since Pollard's new obsession is his feet, Johnny wanted to show him that he could do it too...

It is amazing to me how much these boys have in common. I mean, I know their Daddy's are brothers, but take a look at these incredible similarities. They just couldn't be more alike!

The profile! (although P's chipmunk-esque cheeks make him stand out)

The Pot Belly!

The famous frog legs!
And of course, the finger-sucking, a true favorite.
We had the BEST morning together until my Johnny headed back to his Daddy's house for a nap. I'm pretty sure I wore him out with the watering of my flowers, picking dandelions, picking up sticks and taking them to the street, rolling back the trash can...whew. All in a morning's work. And all on about 4 hours of sleep.

Baby Boot Camp: Phase 1

Yesterday I was much too ashamed to post in regards to my previous one about not swaddling the big man. Britton and I totally chickened out. We laid him down, Britton sang him his little song, and after 15 minutes of grunting and whining and whimpering we just gave in.


We put him in his swaddle, we put him on his sleep positioner, exhibit A:

This kind of snugs them in and helps them feel secure. In my case, it helps Pollard not to flip over like the gymnast that he is. When I went to get him at his usual 3 a.m., he was in fact not on his face at all, still miraculously on the sleep positioner. The problem with the previous sentence is the still waking up at 3 am bit.
So last night was THE night. I put him in his night-night onesie, sang him his song, and onto the positioner he went, sans swaddle. Somehow, some way, because of God's great mercy, he fell fast asleep. I prepared myself mentally for the night that was to come.
At midnight he started in. First the grunt, then the whine, then right into the annoyed cry. Not the "oh my gosh help me something is terribly wrong" cry, just the "why is no one coming?" cry. By 12:09 he was back to sleep, hard as a rock. Man, that was awesome!
I crept into his room at about 12:15 and he had somehow pushed the positioner to the bottom of his crib and slid onto his tummy. Amazing.
He stayed this way until 4:00 when he really started in on the howling. I let him do this for 30 minutes...can you believe it?!?!? Me, who can hardly stand to hear him whine a little let alone cry! But it wasn't a sad cry, just an annoyed cry, so that made it a little easier. At 4:30 I went in and gave him his pacifier and rubbed his back for about a minute and he was out like a light until 6:30 when I gave him his bottle.
I have to admit that Britton is the weak one of the 2 of us, and I totally thought it would be the opposite. He wants to go in and check on him all the time, and open his door, etc. I just wave my finger and say "DON'T move, don't get up, DO NOT GO IN THERE." Who am I?!?!?
He also napped for an hour and a half on his tummy this morning (with about 85 breathing checks from his mother), and that never happens. His naps are so short, and that's what makes him so daggum ornery. But I'm gonna tell you this: After this long morning nap, he was just dreamy.
Tonight marks night number 2. Wish us luck. I'll report back....